In response to reading “The First Turtle,” by Carroll i was intrigued by learning how much the story related to the college experience.  Baiscally, we are all new to eachother and everyone elece.  This is a step foward in out learning career.  We all must take advantage of the knowledge provided.  It’s necessary, like the eight year old boy in the story, to venture off and find what strikes our intrest.  In a way, its frightening to imerse youself with a new way of life.  In third grade, the boy in the story made a friend.  Friends are a huge part of college.  I think we as students must be involved with the University in one way or another.  By doing this, friends, with the same passion as you will be made.  When we all find what makes us think, we must challange our selves and that is what will make a sucess story.