Dear COR Class,

I hope that these tips will help make your transition to the blogosphere a little bit easier…

1.  If you’re not commenting on someone else’s post, then start your own post.*If you do not know how to do this, see Dr. Stearns, Me, or WordPress’s FAQ. 

2.  When you’re writing a new post, there is an option on the right hand side of your screen to categorize the post.  If there is an appropriate category, please select it. This will help us keep our blog organized! 

3.  Our blog is an extension of our classroom. Please punctuate, capitalize, and spell accordingly. 

4.  Take the time to come up with a good title. When posting in response to assignments, you want to think of your own title, not the same title as the assignment post. That way, no one will get two different posts confused with one another. 

5.  Don’t be afraid to write what you’re thinking. As in the classroom, our blog is a respectful environment where people are considerate of each other’s feelings.