While reading “Still Life with Turtle” by David Carroll, I found myself interested in the fact that by the time the author was age eight, he had already decided what he loved, and that passion was turtles. Carroll stated that “… I marveled at the feel of the turtle in my hands. It was as if I had been allowed to clasp life itself in my hands.” The moment he laid eyes upon that first turtle he knew he had to hold it and that is exactly what he did. The very first moment with turtles sparked his life long interest. The more I read, the more I found myself constantly seeing similarities to my own life. As this child moved to his new town very far away he set out for adventure and eventually found his life long passion. Whereas I am a college freshman embarking on my new adventure miles away from home trying to find what it is I will truly love doing. However, for me, my passion is not turtles, but one could say that my “turtle” is reading and creative writing. No matter what the content is i have always loved to read and write and would enjoy sharing that passion with other people. Hence, my passion of reading and writing or my “turtles” is why I have a desire to teach and is why I attend SUNY Cortland