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 After looking at my journal I realized that my week consists of three things.  I shower, I eat, and I do work (including going to class)  I found that in the past week, I have spent seven total hours showering.  My how the environment must hate me.  Showering wasn’t the thing that took up the most time, doing work was.  I know it always felt like I had a ton of work, but it really adds up…all of that reading.  Overall I guess this assignment was to make us known how much time each task takes, and how to better manage our time.  I guess this is college, and that is what I’m going to be doing for the next five years. 


Awright, as far as things that I’m passionate about… there really aren’t too many. I’m starting to get into reading, and I’m pretty into music, but as far as things that I’m always up for and always ready to talk about the only thing that comes to mind is stand up comedy. I can actually remember the first time I heard stand up. I was probably about six and it was on the way to Vermont with my family. My mom or Dad had a tape of Bill Cosby and they through it in. The only joke I can remember is him talking about how he fed his kids chocolate cake for breakfast cause when you think about it.. it has eggs n milk n water all pretty good things, no? Anyhoo his wife finds out and flips and he goes into detail about it. Very funny. After that trip I had always asked to hear it again but we lost it or something. After a while I guess I forgot about it. Then in 6th grade I ended up watching Kevin James cause I didn’t know what it was before watching it. Since then I’ve been hooked. My closest friend I actually made through stand up,  we’d watch it on Friday (Friday night stand up on comedy central.. used to be like 6 hours of stand up) then talk about t on Monday… been friends ever since. I love the art of the joke. Timing, words, rhythm, originality… a good joke requires just as much thinking as a good poem.  K so I guess stand up would be my “Turtle”

The reading, “Knowing Your Academic Base” is the story of Malcolm X and how he persevered throughout his time in prison, to better himself.  Over the duration of his time spent in prison, Malcolm X in the beginning felt inferior becuase of his lower intelligence level.  He found a passion for reading, and bettering his vocabulary.  He showed his dedication to becoming more advanced with his vocabulary along with his penmanship.  In this article, it noted that he spent fifteen hours a day reading or writing.  This obviously became his, “Turtle.”  To be able to make the best of being in prison, and get a self-taught education is truly remarkable. 

  The one thing I was upset with in this article was the sign that read “Chinese and dogs aren’t allowed.”  I found this sickening to know that people classified that together. 

When I am reading an article, book, or even a poem, I tend to be drawn to pieces of literature that in some way relate to my life or that i generally find interesting. In the excerpt from The Autobiography of Malcolm X, a black activist, learns the struggles yet importance of reading while serving time in jail. After he got over that initial struggle with words, his whole world was consumed with reading, it was as if he could not get enough. I felt that this struggle was one that I have already and will still encounter in college as the language will be more complex as it had been in high school. While reading an article for my academic writing class, i found it hard to understand some parts because of the language used, hence I had to break out the dictionary just as he had to.  Most of the readings that Malcolm X read had to do with black oppression and how his race was being mistreated by whites.  In this passage, he talked very harsh about white people, and their treatment toward African Americans. I will say that people of the white race probably did treat them this way but not everyone is the same and i did not think it was right of him to generalize all of the white race as evil and barbaric.

The piece from The Autobiography of Malcolm X had a very powerful message. It obviously related to our college experience as far as the importance of reading goes, and it motivates people to read more. The reading described how a man, who came to be known as Malcolm X the great Muslim advocate, used the power of reading to propel himself to such an important role in black history. He taught himself how to read while in prison, and this completely changed his life around. He would read for days on end, and he eventually became influenced by the readings of his black counterparts and other great philosophers. He helped push along the civil rights movement through his readings of black history and black oppression by the white man. I think it’s somewhat unfair for him to have such a deep hatred for all things white. Not all white things are evil. Especially me.

   We were told to blog about what we have a passion for. When thinking really hard about this, I’m still dumbfounded as to what I truly have a passion for. But I guess that’s what the whole college experience will do for me. It will (hopefully) make me see and understand what I am good at and what I truly do love to do. I see how  “The First Turtle” pertains to that subject.


Hi there, Kaitlin and I are still looking for one more for lunch tomorrow in Brockway–let us know. We’ll meet around 1:45. KES

Today is September 11th.  I keep thinking about the terrorist attacks that occured six years ago today.  How has so much time gone by?  I remember vividly where I was when I first heard the news of the crisis in New York City.  I was in my seventh grade social studies class, and it was the end of the day.  I remember how serious the attacks were, and how big of a deal people made about it for the first two years.  Six years have past, and it seems as if people still remember, however I think people are taking advantage of the situation.  On and day to day basis, we don’t think we are in war..although it has been six years.  In Syracuse, I don’t think people truly got the full effect of the terrorist attacks.  When I came to Cortland, I met so many people from Long Island and I never really realized the impact on the people that lived so close to the actual site.  I guess in conclusion I felt it was necessary to post a blog about this today, to merely ask Have any of you forgotten?  Being honest I have forgotten, so today I watched some remembrance videos, and realized how many people are still affected. 

In remembrance~Britty B.

well…college is alot of hard work.  It takes good time mangment skills, alongh with necessary qualties a person must aquire throughout college, to do well.  This week after COR 101, I considered taking notice of what i was doing throughout the week.  I recorded my daily schedule. Thursday:  I got up at 7:15 and went to the gym for and hour.  Took a shower, did a 45 min. reading session for geology..11:40 was academic writing..most f u are in my class…GO GIRLS!!!  lol  Then was Art…and you girls are also in my class…wow..and you know what im thinking.  Well i went back to my dorm and outlined for a socology paper and read for helath and did my homework for academic writing.  These tasks took about 2 hours and 15 min. Then i had practice from 4-9.  Friday:  9:10 is geology class… i felt prepared b/c i did read the day before.  and i went back to my dorm and slept a bit.  I woke up and read for Art and Academic writing and did my homework for geology.  This took about 2 1/2 hours.  i went to sociology at 1:50 and then to the gym when i got home.  I finsihed the rest of my homework which only took 30 min.  I had practice from 5-7.  When i came back from practice, i stayed in like a nerd on friday night and finished my sociology paper.  I was proud of it so i called my mom. Then i read for health, that took 3 hours, becuase i left it until last min. and finished 7 chapters.   Monday:  Geology at 9. slept did more and went to soc. class.  came home did more geology h.w and went to the gym. at 7 i went to health then i went to practice until 11.  i came home and did academic wirting homework.  and today is tuesday. 

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