Today is September 11th.  I keep thinking about the terrorist attacks that occured six years ago today.  How has so much time gone by?  I remember vividly where I was when I first heard the news of the crisis in New York City.  I was in my seventh grade social studies class, and it was the end of the day.  I remember how serious the attacks were, and how big of a deal people made about it for the first two years.  Six years have past, and it seems as if people still remember, however I think people are taking advantage of the situation.  On and day to day basis, we don’t think we are in war..although it has been six years.  In Syracuse, I don’t think people truly got the full effect of the terrorist attacks.  When I came to Cortland, I met so many people from Long Island and I never really realized the impact on the people that lived so close to the actual site.  I guess in conclusion I felt it was necessary to post a blog about this today, to merely ask Have any of you forgotten?  Being honest I have forgotten, so today I watched some remembrance videos, and realized how many people are still affected. 

In remembrance~Britty B.