When I am reading an article, book, or even a poem, I tend to be drawn to pieces of literature that in some way relate to my life or that i generally find interesting. In the excerpt from The Autobiography of Malcolm X, a black activist, learns the struggles yet importance of reading while serving time in jail. After he got over that initial struggle with words, his whole world was consumed with reading, it was as if he could not get enough. I felt that this struggle was one that I have already and will still encounter in college as the language will be more complex as it had been in high school. While reading an article for my academic writing class, i found it hard to understand some parts because of the language used, hence I had to break out the dictionary just as he had to.  Most of the readings that Malcolm X read had to do with black oppression and how his race was being mistreated by whites.  In this passage, he talked very harsh about white people, and their treatment toward African Americans. I will say that people of the white race probably did treat them this way but not everyone is the same and i did not think it was right of him to generalize all of the white race as evil and barbaric.