Awright, as far as things that I’m passionate about… there really aren’t too many. I’m starting to get into reading, and I’m pretty into music, but as far as things that I’m always up for and always ready to talk about the only thing that comes to mind is stand up comedy. I can actually remember the first time I heard stand up. I was probably about six and it was on the way to Vermont with my family. My mom or Dad had a tape of Bill Cosby and they through it in. The only joke I can remember is him talking about how he fed his kids chocolate cake for breakfast cause when you think about it.. it has eggs n milk n water all pretty good things, no? Anyhoo his wife finds out and flips and he goes into detail about it. Very funny. After that trip I had always asked to hear it again but we lost it or something. After a while I guess I forgot about it. Then in 6th grade I ended up watching Kevin James cause I didn’t know what it was before watching it. Since then I’ve been hooked. My closest friend I actually made through stand up,  we’d watch it on Friday (Friday night stand up on comedy central.. used to be like 6 hours of stand up) then talk about t on Monday… been friends ever since. I love the art of the joke. Timing, words, rhythm, originality… a good joke requires just as much thinking as a good poem.  K so I guess stand up would be my “Turtle”