well…college is alot of hard work.  It takes good time mangment skills, alongh with necessary qualties a person must aquire throughout college, to do well.  This week after COR 101, I considered taking notice of what i was doing throughout the week.  I recorded my daily schedule. Thursday:  I got up at 7:15 and went to the gym for and hour.  Took a shower, did a 45 min. reading session for geology..11:40 was academic writing..most f u are in my class…GO GIRLS!!!  lol  Then was Art…and you girls are also in my class…wow..and you know what im thinking.  Well i went back to my dorm and outlined for a socology paper and read for helath and did my homework for academic writing.  These tasks took about 2 hours and 15 min. Then i had practice from 4-9.  Friday:  9:10 is geology class… i felt prepared b/c i did read the day before.  and i went back to my dorm and slept a bit.  I woke up and read for Art and Academic writing and did my homework for geology.  This took about 2 1/2 hours.  i went to sociology at 1:50 and then to the gym when i got home.  I finsihed the rest of my homework which only took 30 min.  I had practice from 5-7.  When i came back from practice, i stayed in like a nerd on friday night and finished my sociology paper.  I was proud of it so i called my mom. Then i read for health, that took 3 hours, becuase i left it until last min. and finished 7 chapters.   Monday:  Geology at 9. slept did more and went to soc. class.  came home did more geology h.w and went to the gym. at 7 i went to health then i went to practice until 11.  i came home and did academic wirting homework.  and today is tuesday.