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I really enjoyed getting to know past students that had to go through the same steps as I am right now. It was great to learn more about the classes I will have to take in the future and what things student teachers need to do. I think we should have more guest speakers in the classes, it really was fun to talk in small groups becuase we all have similar interests!



So, i just wrote the free staning summary for acamdemic writing, its more then one page…how is everyone else’s??


I guess I didn’t really know how to interpret the reading. I never really knew that Malcolm X didn’t know much about how to read before he went to prison. I find it fascinating, however, that he did so much reading while he was there. Writing basically the entire dictionary is amazing and as I read, I was amazed at how much he learned just from doing that. I didn’t agree with a lot of what he said though. Some of his ideas just seemed kind of out there I guess. I also thought that he seemed extremely dependent on Mr. Muhammad. He seemed to do a lot of what he did based on that man. I suppose I somewhat enjoyed reading this article and found out a lot of new things about Malcolm X, seeing as though I didn’t know too much about him as it was.


When I read the article about Maclom X i learned alot of things.  I never knew that Maclom X could barley read before going to jail.  I found it really interesting how he devoted mostly all of his time in prison to learning how to read and write.  I believe that because he devoted so much tim to studying he became as succesfull as he did.  College is the same way, if you spend a quality amount of time studying and reading you will be rewarded with good grades and hopefully a good job.

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This week, most of my time went to studying and eating! I guess I like to snack a lot while I read! I’ve read around nineteen hours in total this week, and unfortunately, none of the readings were for pleasure. I have come to realize that in college, students must learn to teachthemselves through reading. We must decipher the information on our own, and our professors are here to guide us. It is definelty a different atmosphere than high school.

I’m not really sure what to make out of this reading. Firstly, the reading reminded me of Carroll’s Still Life With Turtles. Malcolm becomes facinated with reading and obtaining new knoweldge. In my own opinion, I do not agree with all of his ideas. He seems arrogant and persistent, and blames all white men for black slavery and suffering. I would not consider it an enjoyable read, but it was interesting to see a connetion between the Turtle story and Malcolm X. I guess everyone has something that they are passionate about.

There are 2 distinct parts of the Macolm X reading. The section where he is inspiring and shows his growth and development. The other section, however, is not so inspriring. I feel as if he is trying to teach his readers that white men are somewhat evil and wrong in most, if not everything that they do. Some of what he says may be true, but also some is an exaggeration. I can’t decide whether I like this reading or not. Malcolm is almost being hypocritical, bashing white Americans and the British. He has such a bias towards the black race, it’s almost hard to be inspried by his biased knowledge…

So, I’ve been keeping a log of the hours I spend reading/studying, going to class, eating, and just hanging out in my room.  I’ve found that I spend a disturbing amount of time in dining halls.  Freshman 15, here I come!  The funny thing is, I don’t actually eat a lot.  I’ve just found that it’s easier for me to study if I happen to be chewing on something.  Therefore, a lot of the study hours and eating hours are the same.

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During the past week i have noticed what i do the most.  The four main things i do in a week is sleep, go to class, read for class, and play my guitar.  I probablly read for my classes and study for my classes more than i do any of the other things.  I have found that the biggest difference between college and high school for me is studying.  In high school i never really had to study, but now that im in college there is so much more material being thrown at me i have no choice but to dedicate my days to reading and studying

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