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Yesterday night I went to the walk the walk and learned about all of the student services that SUNY Cortland offers. I am glad that I chose to go to this activity for COR because it is always useful to know where to go for various problems or concerns that will probably come up this year. I walked through Van Hoesen to the stations and they provided you with reasons that you would have to go there and what they could do to help you. The three most useful station were probably ASAP, career services, and the Counseling Center. ASAP basically is where you can go to get help to improve your writing skills, prepare for a test, or even get help in a subject you are falling a little behind in.  Career Services was very useful as i have already been there with concerns about my major. The reason a person would go there is if they could not decide on a major or needed help when it came time to write your resume. Lastly, you would go to the Counseling services are there to provide students with education, vocational, and personal counseling.  They can help with such problems as stress, alcohol/drug problems or even communication skills.

Meghan Bathke


I personally enjoyed our guest speaker. Although she came in with books to talk about reading, she reminded me of my passion for writing. I actually think im going to start a journal for creative writing, just for myself. I think that would be a fun class. If we hada short simple creative writing task just for in class. Nothing too long, just something fun and something to get people excitied about writing. I also think it’d be neat to pick a book as a class and just read it in class. Like every class we’d a chapter or two as a class and talked about it. That way it wasn’t stressing outside of class and we all got to work together on something…another little group project idea I suppose.


     Hello, I would like to comment about the guest speakers that were in class yesterday. My group and I had the chance to sit with Katilin. I was very nice to just sit and talk with someone who has had experience here at Cortland. It seems that as a new freshmen, I don’t get time like that a lot. So I enjoyed it very much. We talked about different books, for example ones that we liked or didn’t. I even heard of some interesting ones that encouraged me to go to Amazon last night and look for them.

     I think the idea of guest speakers was a very good one. I hope we can have more classes like that, or surronded on such subjects. I liked that fact that I could ask any question about school, and get a valid answer. Class yesterday deffinatly helped me be less nervous about things in general.


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