Yesterday night I went to the walk the walk and learned about all of the student services that SUNY Cortland offers. I am glad that I chose to go to this activity for COR because it is always useful to know where to go for various problems or concerns that will probably come up this year. I walked through Van Hoesen to the stations and they provided you with reasons that you would have to go there and what they could do to help you. The three most useful station were probably ASAP, career services, and the Counseling Center. ASAP basically is where you can go to get help to improve your writing skills, prepare for a test, or even get help in a subject you are falling a little behind in.  Career Services was very useful as i have already been there with concerns about my major. The reason a person would go there is if they could not decide on a major or needed help when it came time to write your resume. Lastly, you would go to the Counseling services are there to provide students with education, vocational, and personal counseling.  They can help with such problems as stress, alcohol/drug problems or even communication skills.

Meghan Bathke