Rebecca Barry is a relatively local writer; she is a Finger Lakes author.  She recently wrote a novel called, Later, at the Bar.  Interestingly, this novel is written in a series of short stories.  Barry is going to be reading parts of her book at Mando’s Bookstore tomorrow (Monday the 17th) from 5-7pm. I encourage you all to go to this event! I’m hoping to be there. Get in touch with me if you want someone to go with and we can meet up.


“Rebecca Barry skillfully weaves together their stories as if she is making her way through a room full of friends, then finds you a seat at the bar, leans over, and spills all of their secrets. They are full of heartache and hope, and you will want to stay with them, until everyone puts down their drinks and starts to dance.”

-Hannah Tinti, author of Animal Crackers


“Rebecca Barry’s prose is a delicate, beautiful balance of wit and yearning. She is an artist of the everyday heartbreak, gently moving her brave characters through their lives, watching over them with concern as they (sometimes comically, sometimes tragically) cope with the infinite expressions of desire and longing that ache within their souls.”

-Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love