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Hello. This weekend my roommate and I attened Cortland’s bus trip to New York City. We had the chance to see “Legally Blonde” on Broadway. The show was very nice, and a lot of fun. It was a musical, and the numbers were very interesting. Also, we got to roam the streets of N.Y.C a little bit before, and after the show. I had the experience to go into different stores, and food places. I love N.Y.C and so this was a great day for me. Plus, it was just a lot of fun.



Wow.  That was a depressing article.  Though I pretty much feel the same way about most articals I read that pertain to Global Warming.  I agree with everything that he said that I was aware of, but it was very interesting to read what he said what was going to happen to the earth.  It never occurred to me that the world could become sicker, but his explaination makes perfect sense.  There were many similar things in this artical that were just as thought provoking.

Being internationally competent allows nations to understand one another and stops tradgic events from occurring again.  It’s stated that 34,000 positions are open each year requring a second language.  I feel, the reason why students today are not as knowledgeable about the world as a whole, is not becuase we don’t care, its just that in our generation life is starting later, and we feel as if we must must finish school to start our journey through life and we don’t have time to study abroad.  Yes, studing abroad sounds like an esaggerperting experience, however getting work done somewhere where a person is intruged by the sites would be difficult, due to distraction. Its something to think about because it can be the experience of a lifetime. 

Cassandra Leggio 

Well, lets start off by stating we as humans should respect the planet in which we live on.  However, evidence from this article proves that we are making our living enviorment change for the worst.  So many people have stated the facts in documents and documentations, now the question is what is being done?  The government must step in and do something.  Do we want the world as we know it to collapse?  No, I sure dont.  I feel as if there is so much more we can do, but we must do it as a whole.  To make a difference the enitre population that inhabits the earth must stop increasing the CO2 levels. Its scary to think about the increasing rate in which the atmosphere is changing. 

Cassandra Leggio 

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