In high school I took classes in ecology, even wrote a research paper on global warming but some points in the article “The Debate Is Over” by Bill McKibben, I still found shocking. Wallace Broecker stated that ” Climate is an angry beast and we are poking it with sticks.” Global warming is caused because we as humans are given off too much CO2 into the atmosphere with our luxurious life styles. However, I have a hard time understand why people are not jumping into this issue with full force because this is our environment, and if we destroy it, we do not get another one. Life already has started to change with the unpredictable weather patterns and storms, that if we do not make drastic movements immediately, it will get worse. I personally am scared of the effects of what will happen if we continue to live this way, global warming is here and everyone needs to take a part in this issue because it will eventually affect you.

Meghan Bathke