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Today in class, Scott Anderson’s presentation was a little scary.  Him standing in front of me and telling me that my generation needs to be able to deal with problems was a little intimidating.  It made me realize that I need to start making smart decisions about my future that will affect the world that my potential kids will live in.  Everything I know has basically been handed to me, like high school, I would get up and go, then college, so I came to college.  Where does this end?  I need to start making choices and leading my own way now.  I really want to research some of the problems our world is facing so I can make a difference and help.  One day, maybe, there will be an end to this world.  I want to help make it a better place before it ends.  Our speaker today really inspired me to want to make a difference and deal with some of the world’s problems.



Last week I attended the Walk the Walk Student Services presentation.  At first, I thought it may be a waste of time, because I had a lot of other homework that I could’ve been doing.  After actually going through everything that was offered, I was thoroughly impressed with the set up, and happy that I went.  There were different stations set up througout Corey Union and Van Hoesen Hall that had information about the different offices they represented.  Some offices highlighted were Health, Career Services, ASAP, Counseling, and others.  Each set up was very interesting and quick, so that made it more enjoyable that I didn’t have to sit through a long presentation.  Even though the information session was quick, it was quite informative.  Each station gave out flyers or little free souvenirs that were cool. (Everyone loves free stuff) 

 Overall, I am very glad I went to the Walk, because without it, I honestly would not have known about some of the features our college has to offer.  Now that I know about these services, I will definitely utilize them when needed.


 Hello everyone,

     I just got back when from the Turning Darkness into Laughter seminar at Corey Union. I thought it was very interesting. She was very entertaining, and she wrote a book called ” Naked Feathers.”  She talked about how she was anorexic when she was 14 years old, and all of her tough times. What really amused me was that she told us about her mother being in the hospital  and her mother has dementia. So to get her mother out of bed to to her exercises , she promised to put lipstick on her lips for her. I thought that was very cute. The overall seminar was very interesting, and it taught the entire audience to laugh at life, and not to bottle problems up inside.


So, today in class we had a guest speaker.  He agknowledged some crucial view points of our generation.  We must concern ourselves with the patterns of enviornment change because the wold as we know it will soon deplete.  Ok, so, in highschool we discussed the changing atmosphere along the issues it is causing.  Baiscally, we came up with a conclusion that we need these problems.  For example to fix one problem a new problem arises.  Such as health care, when we give people health care they tend to live longer, longer lives equal more CO2 which then equals higher temp. which means more artic ice melts, so by correcting a problem would just lead to more problems.  However, just changing the way people view issues is a step towards maing the world a better place for everyone to live.  Everyone lives on the same planet, earth, depending on how we all treat it can be linked to how we respect one another.

Cassandra Leggio

I think that the way Malcolm X taught himself is very inspiring. There are a lot of student who basically have knowledge thrown at them and they still do not take the effort to take anything in. Malcolm X devoted all of his time to becoming a better reader and writer by choice unlike most high school students who feel they are forced. I think that all students should be more like Malcolm X and make learning interesting rather than painful. Malcolm X studied things that he was interested in and this makes me realize the importance of being in the right major in college. If you are interested in what you are doing you will get more into your work and be more successful.

I give Malcolm X incredible props for tackling something he wanted to do and sticking at it even when he had hard times. I feel that Malcolm X’s “turtles” were reading and writing. These two subjects kept him busy and made his prison time fly by. His ability to jump into education, and not stop until he conquered his flaws make him a great role model to follow. Although he was in prison, he used him time constructively and learned skills which he could take with him throughout the rest of his life. I wish that I was as focused and determined as Malcolm. What do you guys think?
– Cassandra McNamara

I think Bill McKibben’s arguement was extremely valid. He brought up several points that we’re dealing with today. His mention of Hurricane Katrina really had an effect on me. Knowing that due to Global Warming, Hurricane Rita was worsened frightens me. What will happen in the future, a natural tragedy worse than Hurricane Katrina? I think global warming is a really important topic that the government is avoiding as of today. I think that government officials feel that the problem is just that. It’s not an issue anymore, it’s a problem. I believe many people feel that global warming is way bigger than they are and that they have little to no influence on how it will affect us in the future. Overall, I believe Bill McKibben’s article was really strong and informative.


I think that for class one day we should have a registering for second semester “information session” of some sort. I for one, have absolutly no idea what I should take or how to go about the process. I just think it would be very informational and help a lot.

To me, it’s incredible that some people still aren’t getting the concept of global warming. Newsflash! Global warming is becomming a serious problem! It’s hard for me to think that people don’t care about their future generations. Today, everyone is used to a certain lifestyle where we  seem to take advantage of the many things we have. I do believe that one person can make a difference; however, it’s going to take more than just one to make global warming slow down a bit. Our environment is an important place and I just wish more people would realize that. Unfortunatly, I don’t think many people will make too many changes until it’s too late. I really didn’t know too many facts about global warming, but I knew enough to know that it was bad and that it’s approaching faster than many think. And now, after reading the article I know more, and believe that something must be done. I believe that everyone should read this article just to put the facts out there and to show that global warming is definitly not something we want sticking around.

The reading “The Debate is Over” made me realize how fast global warming is coming on. The planet has already heated up one degree and it is said to raise another 3-10 degrees in this century. Most Americans do not see that global warming is already happening. Hurricane Katrina however, woke many Americans up to the fact that the water is getting hotter and hurricanes get their power from the heat on the top layers of the ocean. Ice burgs are even starting to melt. A frozen area that is twice the size of Texas is now melted. If things like this keep going on many parts of the earth will be flooded. Americans are the biggest contributing factor of global warming. Americans alone produce 20% of the planets co2. There are more things as risk than just a warmer planet when it comes to global warming. A warmer planet means more mosquitoes which means more disease. The crops will not produce as well and natural disasters will cost the world billions of dollars. I think that every American should read “The Debate is Over” and then do their part to slow down global warming.

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