So, today in class we had a guest speaker.  He agknowledged some crucial view points of our generation.  We must concern ourselves with the patterns of enviornment change because the wold as we know it will soon deplete.  Ok, so, in highschool we discussed the changing atmosphere along the issues it is causing.  Baiscally, we came up with a conclusion that we need these problems.  For example to fix one problem a new problem arises.  Such as health care, when we give people health care they tend to live longer, longer lives equal more CO2 which then equals higher temp. which means more artic ice melts, so by correcting a problem would just lead to more problems.  However, just changing the way people view issues is a step towards maing the world a better place for everyone to live.  Everyone lives on the same planet, earth, depending on how we all treat it can be linked to how we respect one another.

Cassandra Leggio