The reading “The Debate is Over” made me realize how fast global warming is coming on. The planet has already heated up one degree and it is said to raise another 3-10 degrees in this century. Most Americans do not see that global warming is already happening. Hurricane Katrina however, woke many Americans up to the fact that the water is getting hotter and hurricanes get their power from the heat on the top layers of the ocean. Ice burgs are even starting to melt. A frozen area that is twice the size of Texas is now melted. If things like this keep going on many parts of the earth will be flooded. Americans are the biggest contributing factor of global warming. Americans alone produce 20% of the planets co2. There are more things as risk than just a warmer planet when it comes to global warming. A warmer planet means more mosquitoes which means more disease. The crops will not produce as well and natural disasters will cost the world billions of dollars. I think that every American should read “The Debate is Over” and then do their part to slow down global warming.