Last week I attended the Walk the Walk Student Services presentation.  At first, I thought it may be a waste of time, because I had a lot of other homework that I could’ve been doing.  After actually going through everything that was offered, I was thoroughly impressed with the set up, and happy that I went.  There were different stations set up througout Corey Union and Van Hoesen Hall that had information about the different offices they represented.  Some offices highlighted were Health, Career Services, ASAP, Counseling, and others.  Each set up was very interesting and quick, so that made it more enjoyable that I didn’t have to sit through a long presentation.  Even though the information session was quick, it was quite informative.  Each station gave out flyers or little free souvenirs that were cool. (Everyone loves free stuff) 

 Overall, I am very glad I went to the Walk, because without it, I honestly would not have known about some of the features our college has to offer.  Now that I know about these services, I will definitely utilize them when needed.