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Dear Class,

Please SIGN your blog posts. It’s very difficult and frustrating for us not to know who we are reading.

I am looking for more comments–folks blog because they get feedback and make connections. You know that.

Also, go to the USERS tab on the dashboard and click on “Your Profile” (on the dashboard). Upload an avatar that will appear each time you comment.

This can be a pic. of you (do you have a flickr acct.?) or a picture you take from google images.

Connor, Dave and Lisa, I look forward to lunch on Monday at 12:15 on the second floor of OLD MAIN. Karen

P.S. If you have a class on Tues. night I’m happy to write your prof and see if you can attend the lecture–McKibben is going to be v. good! But you must send me the name of the class and professor for me to write that email. Thanks!


The global warming article is coming to me as less and less of a surprise. It almost is becoming a matter of “what’s the new development today in the global warming alert?”. The government needs to create some kind of regulations or something that gets us to conserve energy better. People are too lazy to do it on our own. I’d like my grandkids to be able to live beyond the age of 30, so something ust needs to be done.

-Connor Clark

This whole procrasination thing has become a bigger issue as the weeks have gone by. I didn’t do so well on a music test this week because I put off studying. I think I did miserably on a biology test just today because I neglected to study until a few short hours before the test. It’s tough because with all the classes combined, and with all of the work, it gives me no time to relax. Even this monday and tuesday, I would get home from class, get to working on an essay promptly, and my day would be over by the time i’m done! Time management is an extremely difficult issue for me, and somehow I need to get the job done so I don’t flunk out of college, or this major…

-Connor Clark

Its nuts to think that people are still questioning the idea of global warming, when it is so apparently obvious that our world is in distress.  It is my hope that those who are ignorent to the idea become informed and that we all work together to find a way to insure the safty our lives and the lives of many generations ahead. 

Katie Webb

I found the guest speaker’s information and data analysis definetly scary! He is right, we have to all try our best to fix these economic and social problems. When I think of what the future generations will have to deal with, it really comes into perspective. I would really love to help the environment by trying to help save animals. I want to try and volunteer at a shelter and help animals find homes. I hate how more and more dead animals are appearing on major highways and local streets. We really have to learn to repsect our environment and the other inhabitants on this planet.

I wasn’t that interested in the guest speaker from yesterday. I know what he was talking about is very important and will affect me, however, i just found it not interesting.
Im not really impressed much by geology, so I guess it’s good that he came and helped me exclude that as one of my options.

 Also, I attended the Dowd Fine Arts Gallery opening. I found the art there intriguing. At home, I visit art galleries often, so it was nice to do that again and actually ge some academic credit for it at the same time.

Hello. I attended the Men’s soccer game versus Ithaca Monday night. I am sorry that it has taken me so long to post a blog about it. The game was very interesting. I am a big fan of the sport, so I loved being there. My roommate and I both cheered all the way through. As the crowd yelled “Let’s go Cortland,” I realized that I am very happy here on campus. I am getting used to the ways here, and learning all that I can. I am so much more at ease than I was in late August. The score was 0-0 till a few minutes into the second half. This was until a strong crossover was passed to the left front wing, and an amazing goal was scored by Cortland. Overall, it was a lot of fun.


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