Dear Class,

Please SIGN your blog posts. It’s very difficult and frustrating for us not to know who we are reading.

I am looking for more comments–folks blog because they get feedback and make connections. You know that.

Also, go to the USERS tab on the dashboard and click on “Your Profile” (on the dashboard). Upload an avatar that will appear each time you comment.

This can be a pic. of you (do you have a flickr acct.?) or a picture you take from google images.

Connor, Dave and Lisa, I look forward to lunch on Monday at 12:15 on the second floor of OLD MAIN. Karen

P.S. If you have a class on Tues. night I’m happy to write your prof and see if you can attend the lecture–McKibben is going to be v. good! But you must send me the name of the class and professor for me to write that email. Thanks!