This event was very well put together. Her comedy was really well planned, and it did not appear that she was trying too hard. I also think that her poetry held alot of meaning behind it, and you could tell when she read it aloud that she was proud of it. Being a poet myself, it was intriguing to hear someones published work. I appreciated the idea that she gave to tell a joke when you visit a hospital to see someone because they have enough people telling them they are sympathetic already. Laughter is good medicine. To make someone sick laugh, is to make them forget for a second that they are ailing. I thought her ideas on this subject were right on. The only thing I felt uncomfortable about it that the audience was not too into her performance because mos tof them were forced to be there for a class so they were not there out of free will. I wish the audience had laughed a little more, and let themselves get engulfed in her philosophies.
-Cassandra McNamara