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The football game on Saturday was alot of fun. I got really into watching it. I enjoyed the who package of being at the game, from the cheerleaders, to the two dance teams that performed, to the actual game itself. It was really fun to watch our team come back when behind by ten points, and then to win. We only won by three points so the game was really close and very interesting. I loved cheering for our team.
-cassandra mcnamara


Camping is such an interesting experience.  We find out that camping isn’ t for everyone.  After reading the article about Raquette Lake, i must say, the people that went would be “roughing it.”  I don’t know if i can survive in the wilderness for day/weeks at a time.  I actually heard some stories about a class who went, and he didn’t enjoy the journey.  I’m not going to allow someone else opinion influence me, just the details of the story.  It sounds fun though, it would be an experience.  I feel it depends on who you go with.  Who you go with could either make or break the trip. 

Cassandra Leggio

Over the years the involvement within a community is declining.  This is such a true statement.  Its recognizable that each generation is less involved then the last.  There are so many opportunities out there is participate in, yet only a few people do.  Finding the time to volunteer is sometimes difficult, but one should do it, because in the end you feel as if you help out for a good cause, and its a good feeling.  For my Academic Writing class we must complete 30 hours of community service.  This is a good way to push students in getting involved in the community.  When i was in high-school it was necessary to do community service for certain groups.   Most community service was fun.  It makes you a better citizen, whats there to lose, get involved!

Cassandra Leggio

Hello, yesterday I attended the SUNY Cortland football game verses Buffalo State. Cortland started out a little weak in the offense area. Buffalo was able to score two touchdowns, both with the extra point, before Cortland could even thing about scoring. However, after a must of been encouraging speech by Cortland’s coach during a called time out, the tables turned. Cortland succesfully passed, blocked and ran yards that Buffalo just couldn’t keep up with. With the conculsion of the game, Cortland can boast one more win. Just another one for the good guys.

The half-time show was very interesting as well. Cortland’s Dance Team, and Kick Line performed. Both did very well.


Dear Students,

Do check out these sites for our lecturer Tues. night.

McKibben is a recognized environmentalist and author/educator. It’s a major coup for Cortland to be hosting his lecture on Tuesday.

He even has an extensive wikipedia entry. That’s impressive since I don’t have one!!

Remember, sit down front and take some notes for your blog post. Be able to quote him in that post.

If you have a class on Tues. night, other than Cultural Geography*) please let me know asap so that I can request permission for you to go to the lecture. Thanks!

I will be posting information about our downtown sojourn on Wed. during COR tomorrow.

Lunch is at 12:15 in the colloquium (second floor) of OLD MAIN on MONDAY.

If you can do TUESday lunch with me and Kaitlin, please sign up here…1:15 same venue…OLD MAIN Colloquium room on the second floor. KES

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