This past weekend I visited SUNY Oneonta to visit my best friend Danielle.  Oneonta’s mascot is the Red Dragons, and their colors are red, black and white.  They also had resident halls names Hayes, Fitz, and Shea.  Although there were so many similarities, I noticed all the differences.  After being at SUNY Cortland for just over a month, I know for a fact this is the place for me.  I guess it was a good experience for me to see how other campuses worked.  The buildings there were newer, however I love our setup so much more.  Yes we have the beast hill, but they have to walk 11 minutes just to get to one class.  This was a change of scenery which was nice for the weekend, but the visit made me realize how much I love it here at Cortland.  I would have to say we are the better Red Dragons! -Brittany Ballard