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Dear Class,

It was nice to spend some of this hot afternoon with you and Lloyd!! I’m hoping you enjoyed learning a little bit more about the college you’ve chosen and the town you’ll be spending the next 4 years in!

I did not collect all of the checks today and I will continue to do that next Wednesday. The date, again, for the play is the 28th.

If you have not yet taken the CSI survey and are continuing to have difficulty with it, please get in touch with me.

I look forward to hearing how you liked Mike Green tonight.

And I want to thank Danielle and Brittany for offering to blog about campus events of interest in the next week.

Blog posts, by the way, can be extended and more than one paragraph long. Don’t be shy about writing an extended blog post.

And sometime in the next week, do blog about discussion topics and activities of interest to you for future classes.

Here are some things to look for and offer feedback about in the “turtle” drafts you’re reading:

• How does the writer bring his/her turtle to life in prose? Exclamation points in the margin show your enthusiasm.

• What details are especially compelling in clarifying the significance of the writer’s project? Circle or underline them.

• Where in the text are you most interested? Underline or otherwise indicate that.

• Where would you like to know more than the writer tells you? Point that out on the paper. Use question marks to indicate where you would like clarification.

• How/where does the writer include references to the D. Carroll excerpt we read to prompt this essay? Point those references out. Are they well integrated?

• What are three things you would most like the writer to focus on in continuing to draft this essay? Jot this note at the end of the paper.

If you have questions, please get in touch. KES


“More is better,”  the way we, Americans are trained to think.  Bill McKibben explained how the mass media influences our thought process.  Its a deception, a “fault of our society.”  More is not always better, in some ways it is true, but not in the case of Environment’s Global warming phenom.  It was stated that we have made the tempeture of the earth increase by 1 degree.  1 degree, is alot if you think about it, because just think, 1 degree each year, it adds up!  It was intresting to hear him speak,  he left a major impact on me, when hearing him, and reading his work.   

Cassandra Leggio

Last Wednesday night, I went to an informative meeting for habitat for humanity. I was worried at first because I did not know anyone there or who wanted to join but I am glad I ended up going because the people were very nice and inviting. During the meeting they basically explained who they were and what their cause was. I knew that the helped fix up houses. However, I did not know hey basically ripped apart the house and rebuild a lot of it. I am volunteering this Saturday at a local house in Cortland, probably painting, and I am very excited! And who knows if I stick with it and really like it, then maybe I will go on their spring break to north carolina or even the trip to Guatemala.

Meghan Bathke

First of all , let me start off by saying that I love camping and being in the out doors. Camp fires, smores, canoeing, tenting, all of it! Camping has always been a large part in my family. Every year we would go on a camping trip during spring break and then we would spend most of the summer up at our family camp which is ironically in raquette lake. Also, besides having a camp on raquette lake, I was privileged enough to be able to go to SUNY cortland’s camp Huntington with my high school ecology class from New Hartford. I have to say that this experience was definitely different. We were out from early in the morning and got back after dark. During these hours we did many trust activities with fellow classmates, learned the history of the camp, and how to survive in the wilderness. My favorite activity had to be one night we jumped through a hole in the ice then went into a sauna. I would definitely recommend going on this trip because with out knowing it you grow so much closer to the people you go with and its just fun!

Meghan Bathke

I’m not sure if I wrote my essay correctly. It sounds a lot like a personal essay. I wrote about my passion for animals, and how I can develop my passion further through my teaching. I’m excited for our trip today, and how that it does not get rained out!!! I bet it will be a lot of fun to explore downtown Cortland. See you all later on!


I found the lecture interesting because we had read an article by him, and to hear him talk was informative. Mr. McKibben told us about two main problems, 1. economic growth is causing global warming and 2. is the economic growth making us any happier? We, as humans, in today’s society are looking for ways to grow and expand. Everyone is always in such a hurry. This lifestyle is not making us happy. We replace one failed desire with another. We recently talked about this in my Prejudice, Discrimination and Morality class, not many people are actually happy, the media just fills us up with false wants and desires, which then leads to addiciton, of many types. Mr. McKibben told us this when he said,”Americas default assumption is more is better.” He described how we live in huge homes with little emotional contact with other humans. This scared me, I want to be happy when I am older, not just successful. I believe America needs to get back to basics with things like family dinners and family vacations, where you actually spend time with your family. If we want this world to last much longer we must start caring for it.


Dear Students,

Here are Lloyd Purdy’s directions for us to meet him at the BLUE FROG downtown this afternoon:

1. From Miller, walk down Court Street to the Blue Frog.
2. Buy yourself a cup of coffee and a snack.
3. Meet Lloyd Purdy (5’5″ red head) at 3:15 for progression down Main
Street to the SUNY Cortland Main Street Campus.

We will meet on the corner of Court and Graham (the corner to the left if you are facing Brockway) at 2:45. This corner backs up to Miller.

If you have a class prior and cannot be there at 2:45 either Kaitlin or I will wait for you there until just before 3:00.

HOWEVER, if it’s pouring rain at 2:45 we will postpone this walking tour of Cortland. We might not be able to gather enough umbrellas to make the trip!!!

If it’s a light sprinkle, we’ll go forward.

SO, if it’s pouring, we’ll meet in our regular classroom at the regular time.

Do bring 3 copies of your “turtle” essay. Again, if it’s raining I don’t want them to get wet!

Karen and Kaitlin

P.S. Please bring your check for Syracuse Stage–$15. Thanks!

  I really enjoyed Mr. McKibben’s presentation this evening.  I felt that his presentation style was very beneficial mainly because he was so realistic.  On top of presenting a plethera of information I felt that he provided humor and made connections that us as students can relate to.  I checked out the website he talked about and found it very informative.  The students involved are very dedicated an it seems to me that Bill’s turtle is doing whatever it takes to fight the on going issue of global warming along with other environmental issues.  When he was presenting I didn’t feel at all like he was overbearing with too many facts, the way he made references to “the oversized houses on culdesac.” I found it humorous yet real and informative.  In regards to the November 3rd organization for the informational sessions, I think that it a great idea.  The previous attempt on April 14th brought attention of these issues to 1,400 people.  Now that people know that it was a success I feel more people are going to want to have an even bigger turnout next time.  This presentation was a real eye-opener and I think it was beneficial for us to see.

-Britt Ballard

 I recall hearing about this Raquette Lake facility at my orientation to SUNY Cortland.  But after reading this blurb within the cor notebook, I became so much more informed of what it has to offer.  I think it is so beneficial that our school provides this off campus learning center, not only because it is beneficial to our classes, but because it is a positive change of scenery.  I know that my RA just went there within the past week or so, and had a blast.  This facility is a great learning center, and seems to be a good time as well.  I look forward to when I am able to attend the Raquette Lake facility.

-Brittany Ballard

This article concerning civic engagement was highly informative.  Civic engagement translates to working within the community to promote a better area to live.  In this article I found it captivating to know that over the past fifty years there has been an apparent decline in the amount of participation community members have.  I agree with this article in regards to the importance of staying involved in the community.  I know that most of us in this class are also taking Academic Writing in Community, and most of us plan on participating in the Onondaga Schools youth program and plan on doing this for the duration of the semester.  I think this is a great way to stay actively involved, and truly express our civic engagement.  This along with other service learning opportunities are very beneficial to our education, because not only are we helping out the community we are learning and seeing different perspectives of those who we may positively effect.

-Brittany Ballard

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