I really enjoyed Mr. McKibben’s presentation this evening.  I felt that his presentation style was very beneficial mainly because he was so realistic.  On top of presenting a plethera of information I felt that he provided humor and made connections that us as students can relate to.  I checked out the website he talked about www.stepitup.org and found it very informative.  The students involved are very dedicated an it seems to me that Bill’s turtle is doing whatever it takes to fight the on going issue of global warming along with other environmental issues.  When he was presenting I didn’t feel at all like he was overbearing with too many facts, the way he made references to “the oversized houses on culdesac.” I found it humorous yet real and informative.  In regards to the November 3rd organization for the informational sessions, I think that it a great idea.  The previous attempt on April 14th brought attention of these issues to 1,400 people.  Now that people know that it was a success I feel more people are going to want to have an even bigger turnout next time.  This presentation was a real eye-opener and I think it was beneficial for us to see.

-Britt Ballard