Dear Students,

Here are Lloyd Purdy’s directions for us to meet him at the BLUE FROG downtown this afternoon:

1. From Miller, walk down Court Street to the Blue Frog.
2. Buy yourself a cup of coffee and a snack.
3. Meet Lloyd Purdy (5’5″ red head) at 3:15 for progression down Main
Street to the SUNY Cortland Main Street Campus.

We will meet on the corner of Court and Graham (the corner to the left if you are facing Brockway) at 2:45. This corner backs up to Miller.

If you have a class prior and cannot be there at 2:45 either Kaitlin or I will wait for you there until just before 3:00.

HOWEVER, if it’s pouring rain at 2:45 we will postpone this walking tour of Cortland. We might not be able to gather enough umbrellas to make the trip!!!

If it’s a light sprinkle, we’ll go forward.

SO, if it’s pouring, we’ll meet in our regular classroom at the regular time.

Do bring 3 copies of your “turtle” essay. Again, if it’s raining I don’t want them to get wet!

Karen and Kaitlin

P.S. Please bring your check for Syracuse Stage–$15. Thanks!