I found the lecture interesting because we had read an article by him, and to hear him talk was informative. Mr. McKibben told us about two main problems, 1. economic growth is causing global warming and 2. is the economic growth making us any happier? We, as humans, in today’s society are looking for ways to grow and expand. Everyone is always in such a hurry. This lifestyle is not making us happy. We replace one failed desire with another. We recently talked about this in my Prejudice, Discrimination and Morality class, not many people are actually happy, the media just fills us up with false wants and desires, which then leads to addiciton, of many types. Mr. McKibben told us this when he said,”Americas default assumption is more is better.” He described how we live in huge homes with little emotional contact with other humans. This scared me, I want to be happy when I am older, not just successful. I believe America needs to get back to basics with things like family dinners and family vacations, where you actually spend time with your family. If we want this world to last much longer we must start caring for it.