I suppose I enjoyed our little excursion downtown. It was a nice break from the normal classroom education. However, it would have been kind of cool to be able to spend more time in certain shops or stores. One specific time was when Lloyd took us through Mando Books. Half of the group was really interested in checking out the store, howveer whenwe looked up, we realized that the other half of the group had already run out the door to the next stop! It was a little frustrating that the rest of the group didn’t turn around and realize something had caught our attention. Other than that, I enjoyed the downtown experience.

 I also went to Ithaca oin tuesday before the Bill McKibben lecture to watch Cortlands women;s feild hockey team play Ithaca. It was a good game, we won 7-0. I enjoy watching the fieldhockey team. They are a very good team, and it’s cool to see the teamwork they display. I also enjoyed the shor4t roadtrip wiwth my friend. IT was cool too see how many Cortland students and friends and family travel to watch the sports teams as well.