I really enjoyed Mr. McKibben’s presentation. I got there too late to find a seat but it was worth standing for. Mr. McKibben brought up many serious things going on with our earth that many people do not know are taking place. For example the temperature of the planet has already been increased by one degree and will increase more and more for the years to come. Large pieces on ice are melting and polar bears are becoming endangered. The heat of the ocean is also causing tragic storms such as hurricane Katrina. Another point Mr. McKibben brought up is that we are led to believe that any growth in the economy results in an increased amount of happiness. This however is not true. The bigger our houses are, the further we live apart from each other. 3/4 of Americans do not even know their next-door neighbors. Another problem with a growing economy is that it directly increases pollution. Which also increases global warming. If we do not do something about this problem soon it may be too late.