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-Connor Clark


Dear Cor 101 Class /future English teachers,

Please attend the English Club’s Halloween Bash tonight from 6-9 pm in the Mezzanine. (3rd Floor Old Main) We will have food, mucis and prizes for the best costumes. This is a great opportunity for you to meet with current English Club members and hopefully join our ever expanding club. I would personally love to meet with you, as I am currently in Cortland’s graduate program for Adolescent English Education.

Thanks and hope to see you all later!

Amanda McKenney (President of English Club)

PS: English Club members will be in costume… Don’t be shy!

Wow…this was a very compelling, and powerful novel! I actually didn’t expect to like this book as the end as much as I did. The novel shows how a teacher can actually make a difference in here students’ lives. It will be interesting to go into groups today and have mini discussions. There is definelty a lot inside this novel that is worth discussing!


Hey everyone…can’t wait for our discussion today, it was a really interesting book! I wanted to comment on the Safe Halloween program sponsered by Shea Hall onmonday. I was one of the organizers of the program, and was very pleased with the turnout. It was a great expereience, and we got up to 225 kids to show up in their costumes! Buying all that candy was worth it, and I hope that the hall will continue the halloween tradition in the future!


I’m very glad we got off campus too on Sunday and I agree w/much of what all of you have said about the play here. The first act was slow for me but I was more engaged in the second act.

The play raises interesting questions about “fiction” and readers’ relationship to their beloved authors. The depth of psychological insight into S. King’s understanding of his reading audience I find fascinating. Does an author write the book his fans have been programmed to want??? Or does he/she explore new artistic territory? Does fans’ obsession with the artist breathe life into him/her or suck that life out?

Annie’s obession with Misery mirrors King’s fans’ obsession with his work in general.

As many of you must know, King was seriously injured in a similar accident walking near his Me. home in 1999. Interestingly, though, the novel was published in ’87, 12 years before his accident. This is an example of life imitating art rather than the other way round.

I hope you read the material in the program — very very interesting.

SS puts on a whole season of provocative plays. The holiday show is FIDDLER which I plan to see. I appreciate the posts on the play, and on Cortland’s production of MILLIE which I hope more of you will see before it closes this weekend. KES

I didn’t like this particular play. It was very good , but great golly was it ever frustrating. Putting myself in the shoes(or shoe I suppose) of the writer is never something I’d want to do, and this play makes you do it for the good part of three hours. The feeling of helplessness and the amount of disdain for Annie was almost overwhelming at times. Kudos to the actor who played Annie; I truly hated her. Its a great story, it was well acted, but I don’t think I’ll be going back to see it again anytime soon…

  I really enjoyed sundays performance of Misery.  I loved that we got outside of the SUNY Cortland campus, and got to visit my hometown of Syracuse.  Throughout high school Syracuse stage is where the majority of my field trips have been.  I have seen over ten plays produced there, and Stephen King’s misery is now higher on my list of favorites.  This play was so much different than the ones I’m used to seeing.  We never get the opportunity to see these more mysterious plays, how perfect timing this was due to the Halloween season.  The two actors in this play were absolutely dynamic.  They were both so strong and realistic.  I agree with Meg in regards to the great light usage… it really added to the overall experience.  The set was absolutely amazing, rich in detail.  Overall I think our field trip was a success.


 I am so excited about our discussion in class tomorrow about this book.  I feel that I have selected a very powerful passage and I hope it captivates the class, as much as I have been.  This is really going to be a very intellectual discussion, and I feel that we are really going to get into it.  Bring your thinking caps cause this is going to be very deep.  There are so many different aspects we can talk about in regards to this book.


Overall, I felt a little uneasy after this play. I am used to the happy, cheerful type of plays, so going to a play of this genre was a first for me. I enjoyed the scenery, and the lighting was done very well. I was a stage manager at my high school for three years, so these types of factors interest me very much. As the play progressed, I became more and more uneasy. I am not good with scary movies, and this play was around those lines. My least favorite part was when she cut off his legs, and the theater went dark. I felt as if I was going to throw up! After that moment, I just wanted the play to end with a happy moment and be over with. I will say that the acting by the main characters was good, but the dialogue was a little drawn out, and I found myself losing concenration at some points. I can’t say that I would recommend this play, because I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had hoped.


I was honestly a little dissapointed in the preformance on Sunday, probably becuase I really enjoyed the movie.  The acting itself was good, just the version did not meet my expectations.  Due to my already knowing everything about the story, that made me expect certain things to be in the play that weren’t. Even though the set was realistic, the lack of change in locations in the play got dull. Also, the interactions between the characters started to get repetitive.  She would get mad, freeze up and get sad, and this would keep repeating with no big action taking place until the scene where she chops his leg off, which isn’t even in the movie! In the movie she just breaks his legs, so why the play wanted to go even further and be so shocking is beyond me, it was just silly. The slow movement of the story until suddenly getting extremely violent and then suddenly wrapping up was jarring and unpleasant. 

Katie Webb

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