This weekend (10/06/07) the Friends of the Tompkins Country Public Library will start hosting one of their two annual book sales.  The sale is in Ithaca, and is easy to get to.  For the first day, prices will range from $4.50 to $1.00.  Every day after that, prices will continue to drop until the last day of the sale, when you can fill a plastic bag full of books for only $1! You can go to the website, where you can find a map to the book sale, a map of the book shelves (by category), a price list, and other bits of information.  

You can also donate money, books, or your time to the Friends of the Library.  Information about this can also be found on the website.


Whether you choose to get involved with the sale, or just go to shop, I strongly encourage this. It’s a cheap and easy way to bulk up your personal collection, and you can afford the risk of buying a book that you might or might not love. More than anything, it’s just a great time.  Last fall, I spent three full afternoons wandering around and maneuvering my way through the shelves.


If you’re interested in going but have no way to get there, let me know. I should be making a couple of different trips and I have extra seats in my car.