Dear Class,

Important: WED is the deadline for completing the online survey. Please let me know if you are still having difficulty with it. KES

Here are some things to look for and offer feedback about in the “turtle” drafts you’re reading:

• How does the writer bring his/her turtle to life in prose? Exclamation points in the margin show your enthusiasm.

• What details are especially compelling in clarifying the significance of the writer’s project? Circle or underline them.

• Where in the text are you most interested? Underline or otherwise indicate that.

• Where would you like to know more than the writer tells you? Point that out on the paper. Use question marks to indicate where you would like clarification.

• How/where does the writer include references to the D. Carroll excerpt we read to prompt this essay? Point those references out. Are they well integrated?

• What are three things you would most like the writer to focus on in continuing to draft this essay? Jot this note at the end of the paper.

If you have questions, please get in touch. KES