So I just finished the sequal to Crank, Glass, by Ellen Hopkins. This book tells the story of a teenage girl that becomes addicted to crystal meth. It is very scary, but interesting, to see just how addicting the drug is. She ruins her entire life by commiting herself to it. I could never understand how someone could become so consumed by an addiction, but this book clearly shows you how. I hope that the girl in the story finally did get help, because the book is loosely based on the true life story of the authors daughter.

I strongly suggest this book to anyone, it is an easy and interesting read. The way that Ms. Hopkins writes is beautiful, from her wording to her structure. The books are long; Crank is about 400 pages and Glass is 680. Dont be discouraged! If you are looking for a fun read check them out!

-Cait Godfrey