well just thought i blog about something different then the reading we all must do.  Im home for the weekend..and its so different!  I don’t  need to wear flip flops in the shower and i can walk around bear foot!  OMG its amazing!  haha!  My family and friends really have missed me!  i was so exicited to see everyone…suprise welcome home parties are non stop! 

++OK well…it took us 10 1/2 hours to get home!  WOW..long time ryte?!?!  well i finished “The Open Space for Democracy,” what a bore, and “Crank.”  let me just say i love “Crank.”  I can’t wait to get back on campus and take out the second book “Burned.”  I think everyone should read a book that does not have to do with school.  Its very destressing! 

Cassandra Leggio