I am about two thirds of the way through Teach With Your Heart, the assigned book, and it is a very touching story.  I’ve never been in the situations that the young adults in the book describe, so I honestly can’t relate to them very well.  I call them young adults, because even though they are only fifteen or sixteen, they have witnessed some of the most horriffic things a person can do.  There is no way that they can be considered children anymore.

 The thing that has touched me the most with this book, however, is not the students themselves, though they are very compelling characters.  What I found most inspiring was the many different approaches that “Ms. G” takes to finding different ways to engage her students.  I found this most impressive, since I know what it feels like to be stuck standing there thinking, “It’s not working, how do I get through.”  The way she finds different ways to link the works that she is studying in class to the students’ lives outside of school amazes me, and the stories and confessions that she gets from her students in return are heartwrenching.

I just wanted to write in and say that this is a very good book, a very inspiring book, and I’ve been waving it around telling people to read it all day. 

~Sarah A.