Hi everyone-
I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to share with you the great work I get to do here at ASAP, and to say to those of you who may be rethinking your interest in a teaching career– don’t give it up yet! There are many rewarding ways to use what you learn in a teaching program in your own education, in your career (whether that’s as a classroom teacher or not), in parenting and other relationships, and in your life!

I hope that each of you was able to find some useful information in your experience with the VARK; I would certainly be happy to talk with anyone who wanted to discuss it in more depth. For that or any other academic assistance, I hope that you will not be shy about coming in or calling to make an appointment with me or another tutor here at ASAP. I also hope that some of you will consider becoming peer tutors yourselves.

In order to make an appointment with a professional tutor, please stop by B-205 Van Hoesen (across the hall from where we met in the classroom), or give a call at 753.4309. For peer tutoring, go to our website (cortland homepage quicklinks menu; we’re the second link, I believe), click on the button for peer tutoring, and follow
the instructions. For questions about becoming a peer tutor, feel free to email me at drakej@cortland.edu.

many blessings