As I’m sure we are all aware, this upcoming weekend is family weekend. Now for those of us who aren’t aware, your family expects you to have stuff for them to do. Personally, my weekends consist mostly of sleeping and eating. And though I like it, I don’t think my family is going to be up for that. Luckily I managed to sift through the hundreds of needless emails and found one that gives a nice list of events going on.

On Friday, Delta Phi Epsilon is holding a “bounce-a-thon” fundraiser… at 12 in front of Corey. Now I don’t know what this is exactly, but I do enjoy bouncing so it shouldn’t be half bad. There’s a broomball tourny at 8. I’m yet to play broomball but I heard its pretty sweet. Also, at 9 Chris Shaw is playin at Corey. I did a bit of listening to Shaw and hes not half bad. He’s a folk singer (that’s like Bob Dylan..kinda) He’s got a deep voice, I’d say slightly lighter than that of the late Johnny Cash. 

   Saturday starts off with a presidents brunch at 1130 in the Function room(that’s in Corey I’m guessing?) From there you can go over to the Football game that starts at 1, which according to Amy, is worth going to just to watch the dance team in action. For those of us who aren’t into sports, there is a planetarium show at 130 as well as 430 at Bowers Hall. From 2-7 MOVE is holding a spades tourny, which I don’t think I’ll be attending which is good news for anyone who may be, as I’m fantastic at spades. At  the Fault Lines playing, they call themselves a rock band but from what I could tell they sound more like an R&B group.. not really my thing but I’ve heard worse. Finally at 10 there’s a glow in the dark skate dealy going on which sounds pretty cool.. its a shame I don’t know how to skate : P

  For Sunday, The Lusk Field house (anyone know where that is?) is hosting  9 hole “disk golf” or Frolf for us Seinfeld fans.

Anyhoo, that’s all I got for now, hopefully something I said in there was helpfull to somebody…