I hope everyone did learn some new things about how to use the library. We have a beautiful space in Memorial…I couldn’t keep my eyes from wandering around to all that beckons me there.

RE: registration. Yes, it’s a perfectly appropriate time to make an appt. w/your advisor.

I recommend, though, that you wait until after the 24th when we are meeting with the registrar–Donna Margine–herself–can’t do better than that. She’s terrific.

Why don’t you set up an appt. with your advisor for after the 24th when you will have better questions and some of your own answers!

As of right now you have advisors in English–If you have particular questions about majors other than English, it is very important that you seek out a professor in that department and make an appt. with her/him — to talk about your interest in that dept. and let her/him steer you to the chair, perhaps, to discuss requirements other than those in English. That is something to do now, yes.

If you want to talk with me about this, do come by. I’ll be in my office tomorrow afternoon–from 2:00 to 4:00. I teach shortly after that.

I so hope some of you went to the “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” tonight!

Tomorrow night is Chris Shaw, singer/songwriter and lover of all things Adirondack-y. For those of you downstaters, that’s a pretty beautiful area of our state. GO!