My high school was predominantly white and pretty well off in terms of economics. Therefore, by reading Teach With Your Heart I find it hard to identify with the students. However, I cannot put it down because I find it very interesting to learn about other communities which are different from my own.  I am also amazed by “Mrs. G” and the passion she has for her job. I hope that one day whether my profession is teaching or I switch paths that I can put that much of myself into the job. In the first half of the book, “Mrs. G” uses many different teaching techniques that relate to the kids in order for them to finally respect her and she shows them that someone does believe in them and that they can be batter. These kids start participating in class, doing homework, and actually seem excited to work. I could only imagine how she felt that these kids who have always been told they are going nowhere in life are trying to better their lives. I cannot wait for class discussion on Wednesday and to finish the second half of the book.

Meghan Bathke