I was honestly a little dissapointed in the preformance on Sunday, probably becuase I really enjoyed the movie.  The acting itself was good, just the version did not meet my expectations.  Due to my already knowing everything about the story, that made me expect certain things to be in the play that weren’t. Even though the set was realistic, the lack of change in locations in the play got dull. Also, the interactions between the characters started to get repetitive.  She would get mad, freeze up and get sad, and this would keep repeating with no big action taking place until the scene where she chops his leg off, which isn’t even in the movie! In the movie she just breaks his legs, so why the play wanted to go even further and be so shocking is beyond me, it was just silly. The slow movement of the story until suddenly getting extremely violent and then suddenly wrapping up was jarring and unpleasant. 

Katie Webb