WOW…just takes 3 letters to express how the context of the book influences my thoughts towards teaching.  The book starts off by describing the lives of students.  Students carry a huge burden, because they are still furthering their education, being a part of their own family life, and being socialized. all at the same time.  The novel really defines how the environment and how a person is raised influences their future.  Family means a lot to almost everyone, because family is the one dependant variable in life.  I’m glad Erin gets long with her dad, even-though he doesn’t always approve of what she is doing with her life.  This made me realize how much parents influence their children.  I know my parents influenced me and that’s why I’m and English Education Major.  My mom always wanted me to be an English teacher.  Elders mold children’s thoughts into believing their own opinions; which in my eyes isn’t right.  Mrs. G in “Teaching With Your Heart,” really does teach with her heart.  I mean she puts her heart and soul in making sure these kids learn, and further, makes sure they are not bored with learning because learning shouldn’t be boring.  Mrs. G picks up more shifts at the Marriot just to take the students to a muesum in order to make the kids want to learn.  Students need to want to learn because that is the ONLY way we, as students further our knowledge.  

So far the book is interesting, and I like it, I like reading about different aspects of life.  This book embraces differences, and somehow molds them into one culture, because different people are connected in one way or another. 

Cassandra Leggio