This past Saturday night, myself and some of my friends went to see the Cortland theater company perform Throughly Modern Millie. I was really excited to go, because I thought the play looked interesting and have wanted to see it since it was first on Broadway. The tickets were seven dollars, which I thought was a little pricey, however it was well worth it. The cast was extremely enthusiastic and the entire play went smoothly. They sang together without missing a note and danced together without missing a step. I was quite impressed to say the least. If anyone is interested the play will be showing next weekend as well. I recommend going!

As far as the other play that I saw this past weekend, Misery, I was not as impressed. I found the general storyline interesting, when you read it on paper, however on stage it was extremely boring. The dialogue was dry and the plot similar. It attempted suspense, but failed. All in all I was not pleased with the play.