I’m very glad we got off campus too on Sunday and I agree w/much of what all of you have said about the play here. The first act was slow for me but I was more engaged in the second act.

The play raises interesting questions about “fiction” and readers’ relationship to their beloved authors. The depth of psychological insight into S. King’s understanding of his reading audience I find fascinating. Does an author write the book his fans have been programmed to want??? Or does he/she explore new artistic territory? Does fans’ obsession with the artist breathe life into him/her or suck that life out?

Annie’s obession with Misery mirrors King’s fans’ obsession with his work in general.

As many of you must know, King was seriously injured in a similar accident walking near his Me. home in 1999. Interestingly, though, the novel was published in ’87, 12 years before his accident. This is an example of life imitating art rather than the other way round.

I hope you read the material in the program — very very interesting.

SS puts on a whole season of provocative plays. The holiday show is FIDDLER which I plan to see. I appreciate the posts on the play, and on Cortland’s production of MILLIE which I hope more of you will see before it closes this weekend. KES