On Tuesday night I attended one of the first movies on Native Americans here on campus. It was titled “Mohawk Girls,” and it involved three different teenage girls, of Native American decent, and how they were learning to grow up in today’s world. One deals with her parents being divorced, and she now lives with her grandmother. One is not motivation in school at all. She fails most of her classes, and seemed kind of proud to admit that to the camera. And the third is about a young teen how is dealing with living with her mom, while her father is overseas in the army, and who also is divorced from her mother and now has another family. All three are very dedicated to learning about the past, and one is even shown in footage graduating from her culture school. The director of this movie, Tracy Deer, is also the narrator, who provides her own insight and personal footage throughout the movie.    

     It was really cool to gain insight on another culture besides my own. I think that more people need to do this to gain an understanding for one another. It’s a good idea to go to things like this. Another movie is going to be shown next Tuesday at 7, in Sperry 104. I recommend going!