So i know that it took me quite a bit to post a blog about Misery, but we all know what they say,” better late than never.”  Misery, where do I begin?  OK well, I knew that Misery would be well written and the acting would be intense just because it was written by Stephen King.  Yes, i do stereo-type authors, just because I think that the best works are written with forms of interest.  The play bothered me, I liked it in the beginning, it was a great start and had a great story line, however, the conversations were drawn out, but then again, I guess that some of the conversations could not of been taken out or shortened.  I thought the play was bothersome just because of the way Paul was treated.  There are those type of people out there, and that is the fact i realized throughout the play.  And those type of people should not be out and about, but who is to say they need to go some place “special?”

Cassandra Leggio