Honestly, I wasn’t so excited about how our discussion went today. I was really ready to enjoy our talk today, but I was sort of let down. I wasn’t expecting the discussion to be as dictated as it was. I feel as if people had something poignant to say, they could have done it in their own manner; that’s what I always thought it was supposed to be. I would have liked to hear more from Kailtin, but I understand that it was somewhat difficult to get a word in on a specific topic. I, myself tried to speak as much as possible; I had a lot going on in my mind. I feel that everyone else could have, and would have, if the disscussion was a litte bit more of a free-for-all, for lack of a better term.

 Kaitlyn, some suggestions as a first year teacher: Allow your students to know that you are learning just as much as they are, and listen to suggestions they have about the class. I know my teacher was having a harder time trying to tell the kid every little thing they had to do. It was earier for her to listen to what we had to say, and hear how we like to learn, what interests us, and be a little more personal. One of the things that she did to help her do this was in class journals. Each day before class began there was either a statement, quote or question on the board. We would all sit and write for 5-20 minutes our response. Sometimes the statement was more serious, other times, it was more fun and playful. And at times, the class would dicuss them openly, or we would each go around and answer if there was a question. Many times, she was able to tie the statement into her lesson as well. We got to decorate our journals and leave them in class. Every week or two, she would bring the journals home with her, read them over and make comments. This allowed to her learn more about her students, and interact with them one on one in a different way. Personally, the comments she left in my journal brought us closer and opened many doors for discussion between the two of us. I still have my journal, I think it is something too sentimental to give away…

Just an idea. I know it worked wonders for her, i’m sure it could possibly do the same for you.