Last night I attended a small lecture in the Jacobus Lounge in Brockway. There was a guest speaker, and unfortunately he only gave his Onondaga name, therefore I don’t know how to spell it. The lecture was mainly intended for psychology majors but I attended anyways because I do have a slight interest in psychology somewhat.  Anyways, he was a very informative speaker and he seemed to know a lot about the topic he was discussing. He mainly talked about how the present war, along with wars in the past, have affected so many lives and how the soldiers come back with many psychological and psychiatric problems. These soldiers don’t know how to handle this change, nor do their families. He explained how some soldiers come back home, and are afraid to walk and take steps because they are constantly in fear of stepping on something that may blow them apart.  He also touched on some of the Native Americans and their cultures  and how they take part in the wars; along with the weapons they use and what their families think of it.  He was not “pitching” for a certain organization but he did inform the audience multiple times on how the army is in great need of psychologists and psychiatrists for the soldiers after they come back from war or after the are discharged. Even though the lecture was very dry I am happy I went. I learned many new things that I did not before. I can’t imagine being in a war and coming back a completely different person. I also could never imagine being a family member and waiting for a loved one to come back, only to see that he/she is someone you no longer know. It has to be hard and definitely takes a toll on families.