Hey guys I’ve been really stressing over the issue of creating the perfect schedule for next semester. I have spent hours reviewing my choices, trying to put the pieces together, not too much writing intensive classes at once, and trying to take some GE’s along the way as well to get them out of the way. This semester has been a problem reguarding my overall GPA because I’m taking a few classes I really shouldn’t have.
When I thought I put together the perfect schedule, I hit a few bumps, alot of the classes were already filled!!! I say it’s really frustrating having a late time slot just because I’m a freshman, I almost believe that it should be first-come, first-serve, such as having the time slots open for everyone on a certain day at 6 a.m.. Now tomorrow is my timeslot and I amd really hoping to get most of my classes all set up.

-Connor Clark