This past Wednesday I attended the Earthly Matters lecture that was given by Paul Roberts. His topic was on the price of oil and how important it has become to us throughout the world. Most of the lecture contained very valuable information and facts about the price of oil and how it is going to affect us within the upcoming decades. He explained how oil prices, right now, are hovering over $97 a barrel and that that price could change within the next week or so. He approximated that we are about two dollars short from the previous oil crisis that we had  a while back. That’s scary! Right now, the United States had the highest demand for oil. China is in the number two spot, but they are closely reaching the number one spot day by day. Even though prices are rising and global warming is becoming a known fact around the world, the demand for oil is still increasing. Roberts also included that Venezuela and the Middle East are the main producers in the oil industry. He said that if they were to stop producing oil, there is nothing that the U.S. could do about it and that we would be out of oil just like that. I really can’t imagine the condition our country would be in if that happened, and that’s sad that we’re that dependent on oil. Worldwide, we use about 3o billion barrels of oil per year. I was interested when he said that we shouldn’t only be worrying about price; we should be concerned about the next generation, our families, and our communities as well. I thought it was good that he said this because many people only think about the prices increasing, not really about other major things that will be affected. I thought this lecture was really informative and I thought that Paul Roberts was extremely knowledgeable about this worldwide problem we are facing.