Dear Class, the weather and unexpected meetings have played some havoc with my plans that’s for sure. I am so sorry about that.

Rather than try to re-make individual appts. I am simply going to post office hour times and invite you to come by for our end of semester chats.

There is NO COR class tomorrow. Our office meetings take the place of class. Use the hour to your advantage.

Wednesday: 12:00-1:20 (I have a dept. meeting at 1:30)
Thursday: 2:00-3:30
Friday: To be announced depending on lunch takers*

I will post next week’s times later this week.

*Lunch–I had to reschedule a student teacher observation that I had planned to do today so Th is no longer possible.

Our student teaching colloquium is Wed. from 4-6 and I know given this weather and the long day tomorrow I will not want to drive home late tomorrow night. I teach until 6:50 on Thursday so dinner is not possible on those days.

Who could make a Friday lunch date? Let me know here in the comment space. Thanks! KES